This is an action adventure story where sorcery has come back but there is a guy named taka who doesn’t want to be a part of it. This is a novel based story and it is the first of the trilogy, that deals with taka and his enemy named the myth. The location of this story is Africa and eventually moves over to north America. It works in this medium and platform because it is a very detailed story of a hero’s journey and the obstacles he go through. It reminds me of the novel series Percy Jackson. They introduced the character Percy Jackson, and it was a great story arc for him and his friends in the story. Some supporting characters in this taka story are the ones he meet on his journey to taking down the myth. Taka realizes there are more people who doesn’t like the fact they are forcing the new order on everyone. 

1,000 years ago our planet was introduced to the new age of voodoo. Technology grew the world changed and it was time the people changed with it. My name is taka and I can say I am the first birth that hasn’t happened in forever. But I know there is more people out there like me. On the other hand there are the other born kids who are artificially made. And automatically powerful with gifts. But me I have multiple gifts since I was naturally born. Both my parents raised me to be the chosen one and stop this nonsense, my parents have been in my life most of my life and then they got killed because they had natural birth. But they died 

believing that I can change how the world has become. Being a beacon of hope for a brighter future. So that’s my purpose in this world to find more like me and to take down the evil guy named the myth. He supposed to be this most powerful – anyone has ever seen. But he doesn’t know that his powers doesn’t work on me. 

The Myth 

Genre: thriller, drama, horror Protagonist: the myth Antagonist: unruly people Platform: short film 

“Darkness is silence, solitude, and peace.” This story will follow the myth’s background and how he became the way he was. He is considered the most powerful. he feels he wants to help change the world with teaching them to be evil and follow a certain new rule. Which is either learn it, or be removed from society. His antagonist is taka. Taka wants to take him down and destroy the new order. People have been warning taka about the myth but taka is not backing down and trying to change the world to the way it was centuries ago. 

Title: judgement time Protagonist: taka Antagonist: the myth Platform: feature film. 

“Ask before judging , you will see their lives with another perspective”. This feature film brings taka and the myth on the final stage and to conclude their trilogy. Both men come from humble beginnings, and they are both from humble beginnings who has only been exposed to certain ways. So now they finally end this battle. 

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