Boykin’s life began in Russia. As a baby he had a mother and father who thought of him as their whole world. This was during the time of the nuclear attacks on Japan, there were threats to Russia from all sides of the world. During an attack made on Russia, Boykin’s father was hurt badly. Word had gotten out that there was a high priestess who was a descendent of a higher being. After the death of his father, Boykin’s mother sought out passage to Louisiana to see THe high priestess. She was going to protect Boykin at all cost.

There were many rumors about Lola. They say this woman was the most beautiful woman on earth. Feared by men all around the world. Lola was described to be magical. Her flawless dark skin and piercing green eyes made her stand out from the rest of the residents of Louisiana. Lola was the master of magic. She was a teacher and a role model for those who wanted to take their religion to the next step.

America was a beautiful land of grass and woods and mountains. The people of America believed that the world's problems could be solved by being in touch with their spiritual selves. America was, at the time, the only place safe was the threats that the rest of the world was dealing with. This was a place of magic. Wiccan, witchcraft, voodoo. These were all very different types of magic that was being practiced in the wondrous place. Louisiana was mainly of the voodoo type. While different states had different practicing choices, each lived in harmony with the other.

There was a prophecy that was spread throughout America of a boy, an outsider, who would change the world. This boy would learn the Voodoo ways and become a sort of emissary. He would travel the world and spread his learnings to those who wanted peace. But first he would suffer a great deal.

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